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1. Xerox Corp.

In Their Own Words: Respecting employees as individuals and providing them with appropriate support systems and benefits helps make Xerox a great place to work for employees, and makes the company itself smarter, stronger and better… workplaces across the country are becoming more and more inclusive. At Xerox, we don’t see domestic partner benefits or fostering an inclusive atmosphere as an option or "nice thing to do", but as a business imperative strengthening our ability to attract and retain qualified and diverse professionals.
—James Firestone, President, Xerox Corporate Operations Group, and corporate champion for Galaxe-Pride at Work, the company’s caucus group for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender (GLBT) employees.

Xerox, the computer equipment giant, was named as one of the top 25 companies for gay and lesbian employees in 2004 by The Advocate, a gay and lesbian news magazine. Diversity Inc touted Xerox as one of the top companies for diversity for 2004 with a ranking of No. 1 on the Top 10 GLBT list. In 2003, Girlfriends magazine ranked Xerox 9th among top companies with the friendliest environment for lesbians.
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